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​Giving & Sponsorship

Kyoto International University is seeking people and corporations who support our mission of growing cross-cultural leaders who impact the world. Please contact the school office if interested.

Tax Benefit in Japan

Since KIU is certified as a Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin (Special Public Interest Promotion Organization), the amount of your donation may be deducted from your taxable income according to the calculation below. For corporations, tax benefits are calculated differently in accordance with the procedures relevant to Special Public Interest Promotion Organizations.

Deduction     =     Annual amount of donations     -    ¥2,000

  • The maximum amount of donations eligible for deduction is up to 40% of your total income.

  • In order to use this tax benefit, please file your tax return at your local tax office. To qualify for this tax benefit, a receipt/certificate issued by KIU is needed. Please keep the receipt until tax season.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are considering offering opportunities for corporate sponsorships, such as displays on the school website and naming rights for buildings and classrooms (e.g. "Corporate Name" Hall). Please contact the school office if interested.

Current Sponsors & Partners

Past Project


KIU Campus Relocation Fund


172 (individuals & corporations)


JPY 53,590,000


Campus relocation and educational improvement


Campus relocation & enrichment of educational program and facilities


July 2019 ~ July 2022

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