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Principal's Greeting


Haroldo Simoes

KIU Academy Principal

   Osaka University of Education, Art Education, M.A.
   Osaka University of Education, Fine Arts, B.A.

Thank you for your interest in KIU Academy!

At KIU Academy, we believe that a western-style education that develops reasoning skills in conjunction with language skills is essential for those intending to survive and thrive in an international environment. However, the goal of developing effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills that transcend cultural differences poses a great challenge for the individual.

Over the years, KIU Academy has helped many of its graduates obtain and polish these important skills. At the same time, we also believe that it is crucial that our graduates also learn to be independent thinkers and self-directed learners. As a result, many of our graduates have been accepted into a wide variety of colleges and universities around the world. Our curriculum is college-preparatory in nature, but we believe that, besides helping students enter college, it is our responsibility to prepare them with the knowledge and skills necessary for life beyond academia.

In addition, for the international student, the student of dual citizenship, the expatriate, or the returnee, KIU Academy stresses the importance of knowing and embracing one’s cultural identity as well as one’s individuality. Since Japan is our host country we believe that it is absolutely vital that our Japanese students be proficient in their native tongue and know their history and culture. It is equally important that our international students know and appreciate our host country. Therefore KIU Academy puts emphasis on Japanese studies in its curriculum while accepting all cultures as valuable without adopting any one culture as superior to the others. Whether in Japan or in some other culture, our goal is to equip our students to succeed regardless of where they live.

If you believe it is important for education to focus on the reason for living, individuality and cultural identity, please visit our campus.  We are confident that here you will find an educational style that emphasizes learning with purpose – and with your child in mind.

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