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Equipping students as cross-cultural leaders who impact the world for Jesus.





Students communicate in English and Japanese;

collaborate with people from different cultures;

are prepared for college, career, and citizenship;

and have increased openness to and understanding of Jesus.





We believe bilingual, internationally-minded, American-based,

Christ-centered education within a caring community equips students.




KIUA Method

Education that bases its understanding of humans on the Bible.

The staff are all Christians of integrity. Through their example, teachers live out the principles of the Bible while instilling knowledge help develop lifelong learning skills in their students.

Education that makes full use of dual language instruction and content-based classes taught in these languages

As a school that has a goal to train up internationally minded students, we offer many classes taught in English. However, since our school is situated in Japan, there is a definite need to educate the students in Japanese language as well. We constantly update our Japanese program with expert help from a Japanese language advisor.

Education that builds upon previous building blocks

KIUA offers grades 1-12, however, not all students progress in the same way. We choose to allow students to progress academically in the accordance with their ability. At the end of each stage, assessments are made and the students proceed appropriately based on the results.

Education that builds relationships

KIUA is a small school, therefore the faculty can concentrate on the individual needs of the students. The student - faculty relationships are strong and there is a deep level of trust. Thus, in this way the students are motivated to work hard in their studies.

Education that nurtures in a safe environment

All the teachers are Christians with the same values, therefore they instruct and guide the students with the same mindset. Students can feel safe in this environment. The teachers also care for each child over a long period of time, and therefore know them very well. They can help them grow in their individual ways.

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