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KIU Academy's curriculum is fully accredited from Grade 1-12 by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).

WASC and ACSI are U.S.-based accreditation organizations, and their accreditation is globally recognized. In Japan, the Ministry of Education grants eligibility to college admission to those who are 18 and older and have completed a 12-year curriculum at accredited schools.

Additionally, second through fourth grade of KIU Academy High School (Grade 10-12, equivalent of Grade 1-3 at Japanese high schools) is recognized as a Gakko Hojin (Miscellaneous School) by Kyoto Prefecture, and students are eligible for the High School Tuition Support Fund.



Kyoto International University, governing body of KIU Academy, started its history of more than 20 years in 1996 when it demerged from Phillips University Japan, which opened in Uji, Kyoto in 1989.

KIU Academy's Elementary and Middle Schools were founded in 1999, and High School was founded in 2000.


Student number, which started from 7 at the founding, has grown to 235 in April, 2021.​The school has relocated to a new location in Spring 2022.



Phillips University Japan campus opened


Relocated to Gojo, Kyoto City

School changed to Phillips University International (PUI)


August: Contract with Phillips University (US) terminated

September: Kyoto International University founded


Relocated to Kyotanabe, Kyoto


April: KIU Academy (Middle School) founded

October: KIU Academy (Elementary School) founded


April: KIU Academy (High School) founded


University and High School recognized as Gakko Hojin (Miscellaneous School)


Accredited by ACSI


Relocated to a new location in Kyotanabe

Accredited by WASC


Peter Blocksom

Founder and president of Kyoto International University & KIU Academy. Having been born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Peter studied at Kyoto University graduate school after graduating from a U.S. college. He has spent more than 50 years in Japan and raised 4 children with his Japanese wife. After founding Kyoto International University in 1996 and KIU Academy in 1999, he has been pouring his life into educating global leaders who have firmly rooted cultural identities.

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