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Returnees &
Overseas Students

Spring, Fall, and Winter Enrollment

At KIU Academy, we offer flexible admissions to families with special education needs related to moving into or out of Japan.

Benefits of KIU Academy


Flexible timing for enrollment

You can enroll your child starting from any of the spring, fall, and winter trimesters.

(Our school year begins in April and ends in March.)


Online interviews for applicants overseas

All you need for interviews are internet connection and a video-chat-friendly device.

No hustle is required for coming to Japan or other locations just for interviews. (*1)​


Class schedule that fits your child's language proficiency

It's only natural for a child who has spent years overseas to have language-related needs.

At KIU Academy, we make a class schedule that fits each student's proficiency in English and Japanese. (*2)


Diverse college placement

Sending your child to a school in Japan does not have to mean that they are going to a Japanese university. Likewise, having been enrolled at a school overseas should not exclude your child from entering Japanese schools. Our alumni have proceeded to leading schools in both Japan and overseas.

Alumni Academic Career

*1 We may request in-person interviews after your arrival in Japan in order to best serve your child's needs.

*2 Class offerings vary from year to year and therefore may not be able to address your child's needs perfectly.

Admissions Information

Application form and guideline are the same as for domestic applicants.

​Please choose your desired grade of enrollment by clicking on the links below. 

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation on your particular needs!

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