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How to Donate

At the Post Office

Fill out the transfer form at the post office and make the transfer at the nearest post office or ATM machine. 

Postal Transfer Account:00950-6-329711

By Bank Transfer

Make a money transfer to the account below via the services of your bank teller, ATM, or online (money transfer fees may apply).

Send us your name and address via email (see below) so that we can issue a receipt you can use for tax deduction purposes.

Bank Account: Kyoto Bank (0158), Tanabe Branch (319)
Standard (“futsuu”) Account #: 4319706

Online ​(PayPal)

You can donate using your credit card if you have a PayPal account.  Click on the following button to access the special page.

​Directly at School

Please contact the school in advance and make an appointment to meet with the school accountant
(Mr. Nakai). Please bring (1) your donation and (2) the donation form to school.

Donations in the U.S.



Tax-deductible donations can be sent to International Chapel Ministries, and 100% of your donation will go to Kyoto International University and KIU Academy. Write a US$ check made out to "International Chapel Ministries" with a note saying it is for "KIU/KIU Academy."


Send your check to: International Chapel Ministries, P O Box 10222, Lancaster, PA 17605-0222

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