KIUA will show you a bilingual education

that goes beyond proficiency in 2 languages.

KIUA offers a practical bilingual education to both Japanese and foreign students.

We believe that we can best prepare students for life by educating them from a biblical perspective. With Biblical principles as their foundation, students will be ready to form their own set of values and make wise decisions.

Enrollment age: grades 1-12

There is no discrimination due to religious preference.

Application Form & Guideline

Application Process

The following applies to 1st grade applicants.
Please refer to the Application Guideline for
details on other grade levels.

1. Application Period

Period 1: 2021 July 1~July 31
Period 2: 2021 October 1~November 30

  • We strongly recommend that you apply to Period 1 as much as possible, regardless of whether you are from Japan or overseas. 

  • Period 2 is also open to anyone, but please note that it is mainly for returnee students and children from overseas families

2. How to Apply

Please send the following items 1) to 3) by registered mail.

  1. Application form
    with an ID photo (2.4 cm×3 cm) attached

  2. Academic documents: Transcript from the last school attended covering all grade levels completed and/or currently enrolled at the time of application
    (Students who wish to enter the first grade do not need to submit this form.)

  3. Any existing academic test results (not required)
    Enclose a photocopy of test results (TOEFL etc.) 

  4. Application fee: ¥25,000
    Bank of Kyoto Osumi branch
    Ordinary (Futsu) Account 3990171
    Kyoto International University

3. Test Method

Interview (for students only) and

the parent/guardian interview (for parents only).

Please understand that we cannot answer any inquiries regarding our admission decisions

4. Notification of Results

Period 1: September 15, 2021 (Wed) Shipping
Period 2: December 28, 2021 (Fri) Shipping

Tuition & Fees (2022)

First Year School Fees

Entrance Fee       ¥300,000*

Tuition          ¥884,500

Course Registration Fee  ¥50,000*

Facilities Fee       ¥60,000*

Total           ¥1,294,500

  • All fees with * are non-refundable and not prorated for late enrollment. Tuition will be calculated based on academic semesters for late enrollment and early withdrawal in accordance with the policy.
    (For more details, please inquire the accounting office.)

  • All fees are subject to change during enrollment.

  • Students who are continuing on to middle school or high school in KIUA do not need to pay additional entrance fees. 

  • Sibling discounts for brothers and sisters of KIUA students are available. 

  • Regardless of nationality, 10th to 12th graders are eligible for the yearly government sponsored school enrollment support system. 

Miscellaneous Fees
  • Summer Program (optional)

  • Participation fee for sports clubs (optional)

  • Other