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As concerns about the infection with the new coronavirus continue, we have decided not to hold the school Explanatory Session gathering onsite this year as well. Thank you for your understanding.


Individual Enrollment Consultation

We are accepting reservations during the following times.

Please take advantage of this opportunity.


Week Days 9:00-17:00

For reservations and consultation methods (phone, visit, online tools, etc.), Please contact us by phone or email at 0774-64-0804 / kiu@kyotoiu.ac. jp, or click the button below to fill out an inquiry form.


Explanatory Session Videos

We have prepared a video of the Explanatory Session that you can view at home. Updated information has been added onto past Explanatory Session videos. You can hear about our basic educational philosophy and values, as well as questions and answers that were asked by prospective families at the venue.

Vol. 1 Introduction (EN/JP)

Vol. 2 Educational Philosophy (JP)

Vol. 3 Elementary School (EN/JP)

Vol. 4 Preparing for Studying Abroad