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Currently Seeking:


Middle & High School Art Teacher

  • This is a part time position teaching art to grades 6 - 12 for approximately 8 - 12 hours per week.

  • We may consider applicants for full time positions if they are qualified to teach additional subjects.

  • Applicants must be able to teach a variety of conventional / traditional (not digital) media and processes (dessin, clay modeling / sculpting, woodblock print, tempera / watercolor / acrylic / oil painting, etc.). Ability to demonstrate the target skills in a studio class setting is a must.

  • Applicants must be able to teach in English and adapt instruction to the needs of English language learners in the classroom.

  • Preference will be given to applicants who are:

    • able to communicate in Japanese to some degree

    • currently living in Japan

  • In addition to the standard documentation requirements, please submit samples of your own and your students’ artwork (website link or pdf files)


  • Any of the following subject fields:

    • English​

    • Japanese

    • Math

    • Science

    • Social Studies

    • Computer

    • Music

    • Art

    • Physical Education

How to Apply:

  1. Read and be familiar with the KIU Academy Teacher Recruitment Guide.

  2. Fill out the KIU Academy TEACHER Application Form (online). Note that you will need to provide the following:

    • Personal information (name, date of birth, contact information, number of children, etc.

    • A Christian testimony of salvation, and information regarding your church affiliation, doctrinal position, etc.

    • A list of your professional qualifications (degrees, licenses) for the teaching profession

    • Your education and employment history

    • Character and professional references

    • Other relevant information

  3. Print the Pastor Recommendation Form, and ask your pastor to fill it out and mail it (or email it) to the school. The form has instructions on how to fill it out and send it.

  4. (Optional) If you want to provide more information, email your CV to

What to Expect after you Apply:

  • Job Applications are kept on file for 3 years.

  • Note that the Pastor Recommendation form must be mailed (or emailed) directly from the Pastor to the school. APPLICANTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED OR CONTACTED WITHOUT A PASTOR'S RECOMMENDATION.

  • Suitable applicants will be contacted for interviews WHEN TEACHING POSITIONS BECOME AVAILABLE.

  • We do not respond immediately to all applications.

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