Foundations Program


Achieving high school students may choose to enroll in courses offered by KIU's university division

to earn credits for the high school and the university.

Earned credits may be used for not only high school credit requirements for graduation

but also for credit transfers into colleges overseas after they graduate high school.


Registration information is provided to high school students near the end of every trimester. Each student chooses courses based on their credit needs, interest, and college plan.



*Only courses that high school students can enroll in are shown.

Spring 2022

  • Principles of Economics (Micro)

  • Japanese Government

  • Business Math

  • University Biology

Fall 2021

  • Business Law

  • ​Introduction to Literature

  • Introduction to Christianity

  • Introduction to Astronomy

Winter 2022

  • American Government

  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation

  • ​Introduction to Probability and Statistics

  • ​University Biology